Dan Friesen Eager to Impact Lives as Foundation Recovery Systems Sales Manager


Challenging and Changing with Compassion

Virginia Beach, VA (August 7, 2019) – Dan Friesen was born to have a lasting impact on a multitude of lives. When he witnesses someone struggling, his natural instinct is to step in and lend a helping hand. He has been a teacher, mentor, motivator, and leader in a variety of ways over the years.

Now, he can take these roles to another level. Friesen recently joined Foundation Recovery Systems, a Groundworks company, as a sales manager based in the Springfield, MO, office.

Since joining the team in the spring, Friesen has already seen positive changes in the branch. The sales team has grown by three certified field inspectors, the team’s close rate has increased by 4%, and their average dollar per sale has increased by $400.

But Friesen’s impact goes beyond the numbers. Friesen is a true “people person” who genuinely cares about his teammates and wants to see them succeed.

Friesen’s roots in helping others are deep, and they include 15 years of serving as a pastoral minister. While this work was fulfilling, a financial component wasn’t being met. He had a growing family to take care of, so he sought a different path.

He applied to work in customer service at a major basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in Georgia, but he actually was hired on the sales team. Friesen was a bit hesitant about the sales side of business, but his heart was quickly turned.

“After college I worked for auto sales, and I hated how cutthroat it was and lacked transparency,” he said. “But things at this company were different, and it was enticing. What hooked me was meeting someone new every day and helping them solve problems.”

Friesen said sales management was lacking at this company. He got to know his peers at similar companies, and he adapted several of those best practices. During Friesen’s five years in this Georgia company, he helped grow the sales team from selling $1.8 million to $7 million.

Even though Friesen enjoyed and was proud of his work, he felt like he climbed the ladder as far as it could go. He wanted to be challenged with more, and he reached out to Groundworks Sales Trainer Brian Black for advice. After learning about a wealth of opportunities including upward advancement with a larger organization, as well as meeting CEO Matt Malone, Friesen knew he’d be part of something special.

Opportunity knocked at the Springfield branch of FRS, which was struggling to meets its goals.

“I want to continue to provide support and accountability as FRS hits benchmarks and overall jobs,” Friesen said. “I want to build and environment where people are proud of who they work for, and they enjoy who they work for. I want people to be empowered to achieve great things and enjoy the journey to success with the people they’re doing it with.”

So, Friesen, his wife, and their three children, relocated from Georgia to Missouri for enriched lives and new experiences.

“I love to travel, and I hope we hit our benchmarks at work so we can get out and see parts of America we’ve never been to,” he said. “We’re used to beaches and hot weather, and now being in the Midwest, it opens up a lot of new things for us.”

Along with benefitting his family, Friesen is ready to shake things up for his teammates and their families.

“In my role, I help guys create a career they didn’t know they had the potential to have, and incomes they might not have thought possible so they can take care of their loved ones,” he said. “I can help guys get earnings for their families so they can push the boundaries and advance through multiple management opportunities to continue to grow.”

Friesen is excited to see how FRS can grow along with Groundworks and fellow brands.

“Groundworks has a bright future, and I’m along for the ride,” he said.

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