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Groundworks Tribe,

Welcome to the Groundworks 2022 Virtual Awards Week! Each day (February 28 - March 4) we will announce award recipients in the categories of Production, Appointment Center, Inside Sales, Service, Sales, and at the end of the week, we will announce the prestigious Tribe of the Year Award. Stay tuned for upcoming award announcements.

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  • 2/25 Virtual Awards Week Kickoff Matt Malone Watch Video
  • 2/28 Production Top Performers Jeffrey Martin & Ben Flowers Watch Video
  • 3/1 Appointment Center & Inside Sales Top Performers John Thornton & Mike Irby Watch Video
  • 3/2 Service Top Performers Flynn Cochran Watch Video
  • 3/3 Sales Top Performers Chris McLaughlin, Jonas Murphy & Regan Williams Watch Video
  • 3/4 2021 Tribe of the Year Matt Malone Watch Video

Virtual Awards Week Kickoff (Feb. 25)

Introducing the 2022 Groundworks Awards Week. Next week we will take time each day to acknowledge and celebrate those employees who went above and beyond the call of duty to dominate 2021. Watch Groundworks Founder and CEO, Matt Malone introduce next week's celebration.

Production Top Performers (Feb. 28)

Today we are proud to recognize our Production Foremen and Crews that installed more than $1M in 2021. Watch Groundworks Divisional Vice Presidents Ben Flowers and Jeffrey Martin announce the Groundworks Million Dollar Production Club Winners and the Top 25 Production Performers.

Appointment Center & Inside Sales Top Performers (Mar. 1)

Today we celebrate the accomplishments of our agents from the Appointment Center and Inside Sales who went above and beyond to exceed appointment goals and raise the bar in sales. Watch Groundworks President, Mike Irby, and CMO, John Thornton, announce the Top Performing Appointment Center and Inside Sales representatives.

Service Top Performers (Mar. 2)

Today we commemorate the success of our top service technicians who generated the most sales in 2021. Watch Divisional Vice President, Flynn Cochran, announce the Top 10 Service Technicians and the Top 3 A1 Plumbing Technicians.

Sales Top Performers (Mar. 3)

Today we salute our top performing Certified Field Inspectors who generated more than $1M in sales in 2021. Watch Divisional Sales Managers, Chris McLaughlin, Jonas Murphy, and Regan Williams, announce the Groundworks Million Dollar Sales Club Winners and your Top 25 Sales Performers for 2021.

2021 Tribe of the Year (Mar. 4)

As we wrap up our 2022 Virtual Awards Week, today we have the honor of announcing our most prestigious award - Tribe of the Year. The branches considered for this award exceeded expectations in nearly every way and significantly contributed to the growth and success of our business last year. Watch Founder and CEO, Matt Malone, announce this year's Tribe of the Year.